After the Visit of the Moulin RougeMature

Late at night he had a simple turn of the head

Immediately, she caught his eye

Strutting her stuff on the street but belonged somewhere else

Worried for the chance of never meeting her

Anxious of her cat and mouse game; the devilish smile of hers itched at his skin

He wasn't the only who had their primary target

Swaying and posing, perfect for the Moulin Rouge

Hands interlocking, discovering for what was allowed at the moment

Away after a kiss of the hand, he sat while she freshened up

The touch of skin silky smooth all mixing with the pearly satin sheets

A single grip to a carry, she whispered in his ear

"Voulez-vous coucher avec mio? Ce sior?"

Who knew a single breath could tingle and spread throughout the skin?

Now that he's back home doing 9 to 5

Turning to begin a new

Memories start to creep

Away from his gray flannel life

She's living from the Moulin Rouge

Remembering the glitter from her eyes

The diamonds tinkling in the glass of expensive wine

The feathers tickling his clear cheek

Running his finger in the shape of her body

All from that Moulin Rouge

The End

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