After Dark

A rough poem explaining feelings towards someone that you have spoken to intensely by exchanging messages, growing an intensely deep bond more-so than that of just simple means of communication - yet having not spent any time with this person other than the messages.

I think you're perfect, beautiful.
But you will never know.
The way I feel about you is something i'll never show.

I want to watch crappy shows with you
And drink tea like it's in our blood.
But there is no progression here
And that is just no good.

Is it possible to love someone
From solely eye contact?
We'll converse till my dear
I'm losing sleep for you and that's a fact.

I see it in my head my love
My head on your chest, your hands in my hair.
Will I ever be in your arms,
Will I ever be truly there?

I see your dark eyes when I close my blues,
And the blues you've given me from the start.
If I cut it out and mailed you it,
Would you accept my heart?

The End

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