His Scars

Drop by drop

bleed out the pain

Red erasing

the Stain

I feel forever

on this heart of mine


Jewels, red jewels

dripping like rain

leaving behind

a stain

Spilling ever

like the spilling of wine


Day by day

the darkness drain

Scars replacing

this Stain

beneath the surface

I try to perfect


Slave, enslaved!

Alluring chain -


my stain

Head to heart

the disconnect




Nails, sharp nails

a surface pain

Blamelessness taking

my Stain

Feeling forever

the sin that was mine


Jeer, they jeer

This gift they disdain:

the sacrifice for

their Stain

Never tasting

the blood that was wine


Night, that night

Darkness was slain

Blood erasing

All stain

tearing in two

the disconnect


Done, it’s done

His bleeding obtained

the payment for

the Stain

making the scarred

unblemished, perfect




Blood for blood

His death my gain

No longer shamed

No stain!

This Man of Grief

He feels my pain

Blood spilled for me

and not in vain

Accepting what

I cannot explain

No more darkness

No stain!


My heart is whole

His scars remain

A testament:


The End

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