What is this sense of unbelonging
That puts crystal tears in my eyes
Why is it that the song my heart sings
Speaks only of fire and ice

How is it that the only place I belong
Is in the corner with my agony
How can I pretend like nothing's wrong
When my own mind makes fun of me

Why do I feel so very unfulfilled
If I do all the searching I can do
How, Abba Father, is this Your Will
If I can't see the Son shining through

They all have their perfect lives made
They look at me with disdain
These emotions are getting carried away
And I'm gasping for breath in the hurricane

Invisible fingers point my way
Reminding me I'm not welcome here
"You're out of place," they say
And their actions make it clear 

I'm an outcast, nothing more to say
Yet I feel Your whisper so true
And I can practically hear Your Grace
As You say, "I was an outcast, too" 

The End

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