After a Walk

So it's meant to be a sort of Gaia-dedicated poem type thing...

She balances my feet under the concrete

And sits in the stones lying to my right;

She stirs in the mown grass blowing in the wind

and grows the unmown grass at night.


She climbs up the treetrunks and hangs from their branches

She sings through the trees and chases the clouds.

She shines onto herself and with a splinter of light

Creates a spot for a magpie to chase at night.


She dies as the trees die

When the swallow song stops,

And as the leaves drop away 

She is lost in the fog.


She is the wave that brings the flowers back out -

The hyacinths, moss and lichen and bluebell bells out.


I will be with her

In her cycle, her song,

I will be with her forever after I'm gone.


Do not stand at my graveside and weep,

Stand by the flowers that nod at your feet

Sing peace to the wind and protect my ashes

Where they're everywhere always,

And never parted.

The End

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