From the view of a doctor after the boston bombing

All I see are people coming in

No one is leaving.

I wait for the one.

The one I am taking care of.


The noises.

I hear heart monitors all around.

The wailing screams of mothers

The reckless weeping of friends

The shuffling of pacing feet, longing to see their loved one.


The noises.

The waiting.

The feeling of anxiety.

It’s all too much.


I hear them call my name

I must be next

They point me to the one

The one I am to care for.

MY patient.


Suddenly all the noises go away

All I see is woman lying on a gurney

Her mother crying hysterically

She said only three words

“It’ll be okay.”

“It’ll be okay.”

“It’ll be okay.”


Days later and I can’t shake the noises

All of a sudden I was afraid of the unknown

Clark Kent can’t save us now.


The wounds will turn to scars

And the scars will never fade away

They’ll all be left with the holes in their souls.




The End

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