That fear, when you're afraid to do something because of what other people will think. It's nerve-racking.

Trembling hand clutching a shivering pen

Each word a solemn sneer 

Fear of criticism, lashing venomously,

The pen drops, the writing stops,

He can't bear to disappoint them,


 The nervous tread of dancer's feet,

 Each step a mocking sigh

Fear of disgrace, bitter and displeased

She turns away;she's not good enough,

Knowing she can't disappoint them


 Hesitant hands on piano keys,

Each note an echo of trepidation

Fear of an audience, scornful, undermining,

His hands fumble coming to a rest,

Knowing he can't disappoint them


An empty stage, blank paper, silence

Raw emotion, constrained and bound,

Fear evident in hearts and eyes,

Curious spectators ready to sneer,

Knowing they shouldn't be disappointed

The End

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