Adventures at Rainbow Valley - The Mischievous Hare who learns to care!

Based on Aesop Fable The Boys and the Frogs.

At the heart of Rainbow Valley
near the tear-soaked line of trees
sounds a rustle and a flurry
and buzzing of bumble bees.

A group of little adventurers
Hurry towards the creek
To meet up with Old Feathers,
the Kakapo they seek.

Scuffle, scuffle, scuffle,
Hear the scratching of his paws
As Spike the spiny Hedgehog
Comes scurrying on all fours.

Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe,
Sauntering quietly behind,
Hunter, the short-tailed weasel
Is a harder one to find.

Koooe, Koooe Koooe,
Her shrill call echoes loud,
Kit the singing Kiwi
Makes such a peculiar sound!

Boing Boing Boing
With a leap and a bound
Streak, the black-eyed wallaby
Hops, High up off the ground.

Then Dash, the mischievous Hare,
Arrives, prancing on hind feet,
He gives poor spiny Spike a scare
Then tweaks the tail of Streak.

Well and truly frightened, Spike
Hides in a prickly ball,
And Streak is primed and heightened
Ready for a brawl.

“Skraaark” squawks Old Feathers
Beside the Puriri tree.
His owlish face is watching
The commotion of the three.

Hearing his loud warning
Young Kit ceases to sing,
Soon the others settle,
Old Feathers can begin.

“There was a band of brothers”  he skraarks
“A mischievous mob of sorts
Who ran far from their mothers
To play some prankish sports.

They found a little frog hole
And pelted them with stones.
Though they hurt the tiny tadpoles
They won’t leave them alone.

    And so went the shenanigans
Of relentless, beastly play
Until they heard one froggy
Poke up his head and say:

“Here! Here! you impish youngsters.
What business have you here?
What is fun to you hurts others.
Please, have a care.”

    With a “skraark” Old Feathers finished
    His head held very low
    To see if they had relished
    His tale of mischievous woe

    Now Dash, unusually quiet
    His eyes still bright with tears
    Lowered his head and uttered,
    “Sorry, for not having a care”
    At the heart of rainbow valley
    Near the tear-soaked line of trees
    Mischievous Dash found forgiveness
    From the friends that he did tease.
    Then off they went with a scurry
    A tiptoe and a bound
    Our group of little adventurers
    Had learned a truth profound

The End

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