This is sort of a descriptive little short story poem I suppose. Still unsure whether to turn it into a story or what. It's based on a dream I had. Enjoy my mind!

I’m walking. The trees are dark. It’s misty and the soggy leaves under my feet are loud enough only for me to hear. At the end of this row of trees, there’s a bright haze almost blinding me. My car is still on and a few yards behind me chugging and growling loudly. The dense fog is muffling the sound slightly. I’m closing and opening my fists in fear and wonder and excitement as I walk further into the mystical abyss. My feet are moving, my heart is pounding in my ears and throughout my body, my blood is hot, my eyes are wide open, my brain is alert, my fingers and palms are sweating, my nose smells the musty life surrounding me. I don’t know where I am. I look to my left. Swift ghostly winds blow the moss hanging from the huge trees and goose bumps find their way up my arms and down my spine. I turn towards it out of some careless, thoughtless reaction my mind has to the feeling of an ominous presence. I walk faster. Now I’m sprinting, panting, sweating. I scream as I trip and land on the wet ground. Something sharp is at the base of my neck. Now I’m praying and someone is breathing deep, rugged breaths. Now tears are running down my cheeks and someone is digging the sharp object into the base of my skull. I put my head further down into the leaves quickly and turn over. I’m staring someone in the face now. My eyes are reflecting his gruesome smile, his gruesome evil spirit. I crawl away backwards then stumble to my feet and go as fast as I can.

Adrenaline is my friend now. 

The End

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