Adore an Ass

O, ‘adore me, adore me!’

Your donkey-hearted bray.

You ass of a lover,

straw-bedded and knock-kneed

and vying,

dying for approval,

for ear scratches and rotting vegetables patches.

You flick at flies

and I despise the grating, irritating whine

of ‘adore me, adore me!’

I do not,

cannot adore such a loathsome visage,

but hay! I am the only one to say

such hateful things of your imperfections.

Long-faced and eared,

you drag through my day

like the cart you haul behind.

You grey, unseemly thing,

all coarse hair, and trying to sing

'adore me, adore me!'

Follow the carrot, swinging -

pink gums and yellow pavestone teeth

you think will reach,

and with cruel laughter, I bellow.

I'll hold the stick, in twisted bitter fist,

and bat away the manure you lay, of

'adore me, adore me!'

The End

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