You seem so relaxed and somewhat out of place
In the gardens where we bare our souls
I fall over myself when I see you smile
If I had an ounce of confidence
I would have sat beside you
but the opportunity passed me by
Now I have to wait until next time

We drank to pass the hours
N’ I wonder if you are listening to me
Is there another guy you’d rather be with
or am I just that insecure?
I won’t blame the past
even though it blames me

It’s been a long day
But I will say
Next time will be better
From the lecherous ties I sever
There’s no point in regret
because soon I will forget
It won’t be long till we meet again
No, it won’t be long...

You seem to cherish the last summer’s day
before the storm clouds roll in
and rain down on our parade
Maybe I’m just shooting for someone who
won’t leave me at the sight of another guy
There’s always next time, yeah, there’s always tomorrow

I got nothin’ to lose
N’ yeah that’s old news
Do you want to stay tonight?
Or do you want me out of your sight?
It’s a difficult thing to contemplate
when in your hands lies my fate
It won’t be long till we meet again
No, it won’t be long

The End

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