Admitting Defeat

It's been quite a long time since I've contributed anything to Protagonize; something I'm sorry to admit.

I had forgotten, for a while, the great things that Protag has done for me and the new experiences it opened me up to.

Protag is my catalyst for creativity. It's almost shameful to admit, but I haven't written anything creative in all the time I've been away from Protagonize.

I'm not a poet, by any means, so this silly, almost nonsensical, poem is just me jumping back in.

: )

It's been some time.
In fact, it's been a while.

Even longer.

I can't quite say
Why I went away.

I was busy. I still am.
Don't blame me;
It was life,
that got in the way.

It hurt
when I knew
you didn't need me.

It made me stay away.
I wanted
to be spiteful.

I was waiting
for you
to come and call me back.

But you wouldn't.
And I knew it.

It wriggled
and niggled,
that feeling;

I got it.

Turns out,
this one sided
is just for me.

That's okay.

I'm glad
you were here
when I returned.

The End

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