Floating in a freezing cold pool

Leaning against the side

Acting all cool

Staring at me like a fool


I look, but don't stare

As his blonde hair sways in the wind

Thinking to myself, why is he there

I don't want to be cruel, but it's just not fair


I move away, but not too fast

Until the four year old is in front of me again

He asks me for my name, to make the present, past

"Kelsey."  I reply with wanting the talk not to last


I get out quickly, going to my  chair

Wanting to layout

But he didn't care

He started to stalk, but I couldn't bear


The chair I reached and there he was

I said, "Leave".

But he wouldn't budge

So I decided to eat my chocolate fudge


As I got up, he said, "Where-to?"

Annoyed and desperate to leave

I said, "Home, but not with you."

Creepily he smiled and I said, "Adieu."

The End

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