I don't think people seem to realise a persons thought process as they self-harm. You can't understand why they didn't stop. It's because it's an addiction. Asking a self-harmer 'stop, for me?' is like asking an alcoholic to not have a drink for a whole day'. Surely you've been addicted to something and once you don't have that, you have your withdrawal symptoms. Self-harm is the same. Hurting themselves, becomes their addiction.

Dragging a blade across our skin,
You don't see just how much pain we're in.
To see the blood,
Run down, red.
Not even needing a valid reason,
We have to do it, it's our addiction.
We sit in our room,
Huddled up, in bed.
Our families don't notice, they will never know.
Our longing for their 'care' that they never show.
To the doctors we go,
Feeling alone.
'I don't need help' we said.
We only get worse, then feel regret.
We should have accepted the help they offered.
Then maybe, by now, we would have recovered.

The End

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