To all my friends who ever even thought twice about doing drugs or drinking. And to those who have done them. I love you but this is what can happen.

Poison flows freely in your system

and you don't even notice because your already out.

You drank so much, and put a blunt to your lips

so your laying there like a cold dead corpse.

 I look at you with disgust

because you managed to vomit on yourself.

You look pathetic and helpless laying there

so perhaps thats why every one drew on 

your face.

You smell like death even though your chest still moves.

You got a burn on your neck from the blunt falling.

You look like you're drowning in your saliva.

Your hair is laying in a pool of urine.

This may not


And it may be


But this is what happens

when you become



The End

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