The Bar and the Waitress

Bonnie and Clyde, except that this is two young women - Emma Parker and Rori Barrow. This is set around 1931-1934. Please comment, as always!

A woman with her dark hair

Swept into a bun behind her

Leans over the table, wiping

It down with a damp cloth.

Men laugh raucously around

Her, beer and money passing

Hands as she heads back to

Fetch another round of alcohol.

She's wearing a waitress's white

Apron, and her shirt is blue, the

Sleeves cut off. Her navy skirt is

Short, making her a target for the

Handsy men that are eyeing her

Speculatively. Another woman with

Short blonde hair and red, red lips

Enters, ignoring the smell of cigarettes

Perfuming the room. Her cream coat

And low neckline are deceptive, as she's

Not interested in the men in the bar.

The End

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