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describing an upcoming event

here it comes again

I could feel it in every bone in my body

its coming,

that day of the year.

the tears are ready for the natural disappointment

preparing for the letdown

the bummer

the bitter truth that -

to everyone else its just another day,

they'll go on as though nothing has changed.

But I---

I will wake up in the morning

open my eyes

and it would be clear--

I have lived to see another year

I have aged once more

whether anyone realizes

or recognizes this with all certainty,

NO ONE can take my  special day away from me

I wish I cared less

I wish I could be so breezy

but its just not that easy

I wish they knew,

I wish they cared

but we all come and go

and so will I

they say--

every day counts, not just that one

you have to make every day count, not just that one.

so pack away the tears

and shut out the disappointment

seize life to the fullest

there are no promosses ths day will come and come again

cherish every day 

But I still say


your birthday.

The End

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