Adam, Eve, Lily, Steve

Just some lighthearted fare. No Disrespect intended for anyone.

Why is it called going straight?
and is the other way really so twisted?
Perhaps the latter is indeed the norm
and the former just never existed?

There are many options available
for persons of either gender
Perhaps to correct the faux pas
the almighty’s original blunder

Instead of taking the 7th rib from Adam
and using it to fashion Miss Eve
perhaps used the DNA to create Miss Lily
and then the remainder to create Mr. Steve

During the course of their lives
Perhaps Adam might have some doubts
towards Steve he might even gravitate
and to Lily might turn his spouse

Perhaps the creation myths so wrong
never really was an Adam n Eve
Perhaps his preoccupation with the serpent
is really what caused them to leave!

The End

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