Acid Rain

Drabble, poem, whatever. Apologies for the crappy rhyming attempt.

And as we went our separate ways
On this dark and twisted path
Something forlorn and forbidden called us back

It whispered tales of love and valor
Having turned many eyes a bright green color
It recounted to us our days of heartbreak and cowardice
Reminding us of when we believed in justice

So after what seemed like an eternity
We dropped their hands and turned our backs
Committing those desperate treacherous acts 

Seemed like they were always against us
Maybe they didn't understand how we thought it was true love
As you held me close and whispered in my ear
Tales that made me forget my tears

So we pushed forward into the unknown
Taking chances before we knew we'd begun
With clasped hands and joined hearts
We could deflect any poison darts

Something somewhere went wrong
Maybe we were destined to fail
And everyone but us knew it all along 

Darkness rising in the distance
Yet we continue on because of your insistence
Acid rain begins to fall
As I wonder whether it was really worth it at all.

The End

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