Aching Body, Aching Mind

My eyes hurt from watching you- dry and itchy, stinging- but I don't dare blink for fear that you might disappear.
My knees hurt, I think I've been praying for your return, but I'm not quite sure.
My arms ache from the pain the absence of you has created- I have nothing to hold on to but elusive hope.
But still, I hang on.
My heart is crying- it remembers you so clearly, like a stab wound, swollen and bruised- bleeding profusely.
My hands hurt from holding on to your lies- the rope is barbed with thorns that cut my ragged flesh deeply.
My brain is screaming in agony as these thoughts of you batter down my barricades, as you infiltrate my memories.
But still, I hang on.
My joints are bruised, bone screeching against bone,from my sitting here, watching you.
And I wonder if your feet hurt from all the leaving that you do.

The End

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