Aches in the Acres

Self-explanatory - or is it?

Don’t know if I’m sound asleep or half awake

This is a nightmare not a disturbing daydream

The sweats emerge as I start to shake

Try to wash away my doubts in the ancient stream

My head spins as I lay flat on my back

The sun stings as it burns my frozen face

Here I am miles from the beaten track

I think I’ve found my special place

Staring up at the clear blue sky

Feel the green grass tingle on my skin

Tell myself I’m too young to die

Refuse to let the chattering demons win

Motionless for hours as I cleanse my brain

No shelter, no shade and nowhere to hide

Surrounded by fields of nothing but pure pain

Feel safe as I sweat out the poison that lurks inside

As I glimpse the future the whole world stops

The sweeping breeze takes my breath away

A chilling silence as the pressure finally drops

No more dark thoughts of eternal death today

The weight lifts as my body fills with relief

Smile as my fractured soul eyes a brand new start

Problems float into the distance like a liberated leaf

And then peace descends upon my fragile heart

Escaped from the cell that held me for so long

No liars or cheats, fakes or fools can find me here

At the top of my voice I sing a happy song

In this solitude I celebrate the end of the devil’s year

Limbs outstretched with no strength remaining

The clouds creep up and catch me unaware

See a vision in the distance when it starts raining

Let the drops wash over me and laugh without a care

The inevitable ending had been delayed

Enjoy this feeling while it lasts because it may end soon

As darkness falls there’s no time to dwell on the progress made

Make my way home by the light of the stars and the moon

The End

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