Who killed who.

The man with the revolver pointed at his head.

The woman cutting the fragile tension of her wrists.

The child cowering in the corner being beaten.

The drunk left in the cold.

Who died when.

In pools of ice and blood the bone was shattered.

In fits of hysteria the veins were severed.

In cries of pain the bruises we marked.

In shivering unconsciousness, another life was lost.

Who cared about.

The one who though his future was gone.

The girl who lost her way in the world.

The baby in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The drunk who didn't have a friend.

Who cried for them.

The sobbing collegues who didn't know.

The family that couldn't turn back.

The friends that knew but couldn't say.

The shadows of life... all gone away.

The End

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