I feel the pulse.

That repulsive beat, drumming my body full with putrid oxygen.

I feel the rush of air.

The twisted lifeforce of my body escaping through my nose and lips.

I feel the pain.

Of a hundred barbed nails in my bones,

An exploding atomic bomb inside my skull,

The useless rubberiness of my muscles,

How they feel and twitch and ache.


I feel alone.

No sounds other than the menacing voice from my mind.

I feel afraid.

The vile dark creeps and surrounds like a cloak of shadows.

I feel the pain.

A thousand broken hearts not ready to emote,

Too many wasted tears wanting to cry,

The dull sound of echoes of laughter,

That haunts me, taunts me, loves me.

Tells me that I must be stronger.

When I know full well this weak corpse of mine will rot like the rest.

The End

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