your fingers grazed 
ever so slightly 
the soles of my feet and 
brushed against the length of my leg 
as you leaned back into the comfort of knowledge

visceral stimulation 
on a level i hadn't felt in far too long
drifting off to sleep 
listening to the 
of guitar strings 
intermingled with the velvet sound of a needle tracing a record 

and then, as though from a dream
your silver tongue made by god to match your silver hair 
brushing against the nape of my neck 

as i arched my back 
to press 
against you 
and wrap my body around you no matter the lack of comfort

we became skin skin bones bones eyes meeting eyes
crawling forward and aft

couch floor bed 
teeth nails blood vessels right there just within reach

into your aphotic warmth
so so close
yet never close enough
'from the moment i first saw you, 
i wanted to know what you tasted like, smelled like, felt like' 

blind to the passage of time

i clung to your arms and hands and face
pressing my lips to every 
polished inch of your being that i could
you chest  
and stomach 
and all those little spaces between 

breathing and touching and striking and holding

lost somewhere between the sheets of your bed and the skin meticulously attached at all the right places to your bones is my breath.

The End

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