It is based off of a picture I got off Pinterest. It is a picture of an eye crying, but inside the eye, you can see a man walking away from someone in the rain, so I wrote the poem for that, but then my boyfriend left me like a few days after I wrote it, so that was great! But any who, hope you enjoy the poem, feedback please! :)

Walk away…

Be free

I’ll be accepting of

you leaving me

Yes, it hurts

Yes, I’ll cry

But as the rain drops

I look up at the sky

I think of you

I think of the pain and hurt

I think of what we could’ve had

If we just made it work

I watch you leave

And now I cry

I cry as if they’re the raindrops

That are falling from the sky

Let the rain be my tears for you

And every time it comes down

Think about what would’ve happened

If we just pulled through

But walk away

Be free

I will be accepting

of you leaving me

Yes, I will hurt

And yes, I will cry

But in the end

my tears are the raindrops

Falling from the sky


The End

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