When things happen way too fast for someone's liking. In this poem the narrator feels that the girl is with is dangerously attached before she gets to know him properly

We're accelerating beyond the horizon

I can't even stop to catch my breath, I feel like I'm dying

You want to press forth with the dreams i created

But my true feelings for you were exaggerated

You tell me to look to the future

I'm smiling but inside i'm screaming with horror

You want me to live and die for you

but what do you really know about me

Do you even know anything about me at all?

We're flying so far beyond the sweeping seas

I can't stop to see what I've lost, because of you

You want to seal our passions and love in blood

But maybe there's something that I've misunderstood

You tell me to look ever onward

I'm laughing but inside i'm crying with sadness

You want yourself to be the only one I love

but do you give a damn about me

Did you even ever care at all for me

The End

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