A piece I wrote for my final manuscript in my Imaginative Writing class. This is a Muse-related poem.

Hey you!
You there sitting on the marble stair.
Are you my muse? I’ve been looking for
him. No, you’re not. Sorry.
I’ve searched high and low! I’ve climbed
the plum tree in my backyard;
I’ve looked under my bed—
tore the whole house apart!
I’ve missed you, haven’t heard from you in weeks.

Stand there, pen poised over parchment,
ink at the ready--
nothing! Not a single whisper. Not a
line, a stanza or a word for that matter.
Where did you go? Did you take a vacation?
I got no week notice—
and believe me, I’ve asked the mailman
if he’s seen you.

There’s so many voices—
Thought I heard you in the bookstore, but
no sign; and that was your favorite place to go!
I’ve done all you’ve asked, haven’t I?
Given you everything you want.
I bought that matching pen and notebook set
even though I technically didn’t have the money;
Two years ago I brought home my beloved cat Bernadice
Because you made her eyes smile
inside of me and I wrote about them for weeks.
I spoke to that peculiar man at the swap-meet
with the up-beat walk and married him just as you wanted—
though I do love him so.
I’ve been following your orders
since one day after I turned twelve.

So where have you gone?

The End

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