Absence Almighty

Fonder's for fools, but a fool I can be
When my heart takes the reigns and controls what I see
But beyond what I see I fear what I feel
My unanchored existence and the surreal

We miss lovers and mothers and people who cared
For we needed them in those moments that stared
Us straight in the eyes with eternity's gaze
Those people, our anchors, cleared all the haze

That comes with the knowledge we know nothing at all
Yet while we know nothing we know that we fall
From the heights of delusion where the air was so pure
We've fallen off the mountain to valleys obscure

The air here it reeks, but it's thick and it's real
And at least now I know the things that I feel
While ugly and scary and ceasing my bones
Are realer and truer than delusional thrones

But reality comes at such high a cost
And I'll admit there are moments I'd rather be lost
Back up in the clouds where I didn't have a care
But how to return to a place that's not there?

But we'll show reality we still can escape
By means that are cheaper and of a deadlier shape
But it'd still be a lie that I don't even care
That I'm missing a God who's not even there

The End

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