Said the Moon

‘Twas late at night, the stars all bright
But the ribbon-clouds did weep.
Then came the rain on my window pane
And woke me from my sleep.
The storm soon gone, ‘twas hours ‘til dawn
My eyes, they would not close.
They itched and stung, such pain they brung
Yet still I could not doze.
So I watched the sky and clouds to fly
The stars were white as bone.
Then came she pale in her night-sea sail
Sitting on her pearly throne.
"Listen," said I as she passed me by
"Will you let my sleep come soon?"
"Help me," I said, with her I pled
"Nay, I will not," said the moon.
I asked her why, she let a sigh
"For man has reached their doom.
They care not for me, I have no power, you see,
So nay, I will not," said the moon.
"I care for thee," she said to me
"And I wish I could help you,
But through haze and fog, pollution and smog,
Nay, I cannot," said the moon.

The End

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