This is about a special person who is really close to me and this is just for her.

She cried. Never. I hated to see her cry. "In the end, it was about them." She'd say to me.

It hurt me seeing hot streams rolling down her rosy cheeks. It made me angry, that people brought tears to her eyes. "In the end, it was about them." She'd say to me.

She would always say "I'm fine." When really I knew she wasn't. It hurt me knowing I wasn't able to do anything. As always she whispered to me. "In the end, it was about them." 

I gave her my shoulder and my chest to cry on, still only more tears fell. Say, I remember another time she did the same for me, but it wasn't like this. "In the end, it was about them."

Another friend told me "You can never depend on anyone, always depend on yourself." I tried telling her that, but I wanted her to know that she can always depend on me. 

She's better now, and she knows I'm here for her and we both know, that we can depend on each other, we'll always be there for each other. "In the end, I'll always be here for her."

The End

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