about the Orlando shooting.

i - 

i am so sorry. 

i am so sorry 

that the world cannot comprehend your beauty 
and does not understand the way you were born

because this is the way we were made
this is our skin and our hearts and the way we live
falling in love is the easy part

bringing them home to meet your family isn't

and there will be those who hate you for it 
and there will be those who decide your lives do not matter

and i hope to god every single one of them learns the worth of a human life
and how it doesn't decrease depending on preference or religion or race or anything else 

because this world is too small as it is 
and there is no space for hatred 

so i am sorry, 
i am so so awfully sorry

and i know that doesn't help, 
but my heart goes out to everyone who was involved
and all the lgtbqia+ people that have been affected by this. 

it's hard.
it hurts, i know.

it hurts as a queer teenager to see this on the news
to have this loss as a profound ache in my chest

and i mourn for you all.

you deserve not just acceptance
but love.

you all deserve so much love.  

The End

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