Abortion (2)

Month 1

What am I gonna do?

I'm pregnant!

I can't, my family will 

Shun me if they know,

I was never meant to be an early mother.

Month 2

I can't take care of this little baby,

I wouldn't wish an unwanting home upon him.

I wouldn't want him to grow up scorned

By his grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Month 3

I get bad looks in the street,

Judging glares and muffled snickers

And those who raise their noses,

Act like they're above me.

They wouldn't be laughing if I were a man.

Month 4

My best friends left,

They couldn't take the strain of

Me and my pregnant body,

So different from theirs.

I'm so alone, 

It's not like the father would help me anyways.

Month 5

I had dreams,

Dreams I now have to put on hold to care

For this thing inside my torso,

And everyone I used to know stares

At the unfortunate girl who had

To quit high school, who dreamed of becoming a lawyer.

Month 6

The doctor says I'm a monster,

But I know how it is to grow up in foster care

(nobody wants you) and I wouldn't wish that

For a baby I can't take care of (i can't pay the rent, i'm not prepared)

I know what I have to do, he can't feel it anyways.

Month 7

It's gone, I'm empty,

Don't think I took pleasure in doing this,

I would take him if I could.

I was scared,

And the fake abortion clinics who took my pants,

Made me listen as they lured me in and called me the devil

Why does a young (too young to be a mother, i can't do it)

Girl have to go through that?

The End

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