Every abortion is just...

One more heart that will never beat
Two more eyes that will never see
Two more arms and legs that will never touch, never run
And one more mouth that will never speak

Month one

Hey mommy
I’m your new baby.
I know I’m less than 10 inches tall, but I’m real
And I love you

Month two

I have a heart now, mommy
And eyes and ears and lips.
So I could hear your voice today,
And your perfect hearbeat;
It made me fall asleep.

Month three

I think I’m growing hair-
I can feel it
Just like I can feel what you feel, mommy.
I like it when you’re happy,
Because when you’re sad, it makes me cry

Month four

I moved my arm today,
And my leg.
I tried to stretch, but I don’t think I can do that yet
But that’s okay, because you’ll teach me when I grow up,
Won’t you, mommy?

Month five

You went to that doctor again, today.
He said mean things to you and you cried.
Don’t cry mommy, because I can’t wipe your tears yet.

What’s an abortion?

Month six

The doctor said today’s the day, mommy-
What’s happening today?

Because I can feel something and I don’t like it.
It hurts mommy, it hurts!
Make it stop!
Help me mommy, 

God told me what an abortion is.
He told me it wasn’t my fault.
But it was me, wasn’t it?
I made you sad, mommy-
Is that why you didn’t want me?

The End

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