Abolishing All Astonishment

I'm scared sometimes

I've dreamt off base

I've slept on my face

Wept and left without a trace

Conceiving a lot of stress

I begin believing I'm a mess

Receiving some regrets

Gift wrapped in synapses tapped

I think back to when I was a kid talking smack'

Responding to tight nit reactions

Spontaneity was at the max then

"You can't play with me''  was real relaxed

Though I remember running over backs

With laced up cleats on attack

Without a face mask to meet the contact

I'm humble

But under

My somber stumble

Remains the want to crumble your remains

After I take asunder all sense of bumbling wonder

Without water


The negative of a cure

I'm confronting torrents


Ghastly, fleshed in torment

Ornamenting prominence polished

Abolishing all astonishment.

The End

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