the alphabet is an amazing "think"

Adjoining times, peel from my lifeline
But no flow can I ever see.

Clocks, a tool of our making
Deluding the likes of you and me.

Everything moves in uniformed chaos
Following our shared insanity.

Greater the hearts of those of us
Humbled by our common mortality.

I see a new day dawning
Joining with all days gone before.

Kicking out the pointless from our memories
Life’s lessons learned all the more.

Mourning the loss of times gone by
Never forgetting our tainted history.

Our past is our greatest tutor
Patiently revealing life’s mysteries

Quotations are to what we cling
Revered when from a celebrity.

Seen as the holiest of gospel
Touching the lines of integrity.

Universal truths are subjective
Varying, depending on the source

We choose in what to believe
Xenophobia has set its own course

Yielding to the zenith of insanity.
Zero chance of mankind’s remorse.

The End

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