Abbi and the SeaMature

You don't know you've given up until it's too late 

And I in the middle of too late managed to save myself before I reached the end

And then she came and  she hit like a storm

A wave crashing over me that threw me into the water below 


Sinking further and further 

Choking on water, clinging to what little life I had left 

I shut my eyes but when I opened them I was on the beach

Ridding myself of the water I had choked on

Purging myself of the poison 


The husk of who I am and who I was 

On the beach absolved of all my sins 

Promising that I would no longer look for the deep unknowns 

Broken by her waves named truth and reality

For she knew what was in the deep unknown 

She had become part of it 

She became the savior I swore to follow

But still it's eerie how fast assurance fades into the past 

How hard it is not to follow the waves as they return back to sea

Stuck between a promise and a longing 

The End

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