You left me in the rain,
To be washed away,
Under tides of sorrow,
And storms of missing you.

I float on the surface,
Fish nibbling at my fingers,
The fish we would of caught together,
If you hadn't left me behind.

Finally I wash ashore,
Gravel under my soaked body,
I stare at the blue sky,
And remember lazy days of cloud spotting.

I relive the hugs when the storm rolled in,
And the chocolate stains on my front,
The days I fell over,
Back when you were there to pick me up.

Now you've left me for grief,
The monsters under the bed,
The creatures in the closet,
Will get me without you.

I'm alone,
You forgot me so easily,
Ran off in the park,
Leaving me sitting on the bench.

I stared with button eyes,
For a day,
For a night,
Waiting for you.

I knew you'd return,
You'd come and fetch me,
You'd never forget what we'd shared,
But you didn't.

You left me,
Your teddy,
Waiting in lonesome,
For a little boy who never returned.

The End

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