A Kong


Kind Kara-Kate was knitting

Kitsch keepsake knickerbockers.

She kept kameezes, kimonos and kaftans

In a kafkaesque crate full of knockers.

The kleptomaniac kitten

Did kickboxing, kung fu and karate

And baked kumquats and kippers in ketchup

in a kettle for her kitchen party.

The Ku Klux Klan kidnapped Kitty.

In a Klondike kibbutz they would keep her

But they just kicked her into a kiosk.

The kangaroo court said it was cheaper.

The kookaburras caused a kerfuffle

with the kiwis and keen kingfishers,

As a kamikaze sounded a klaxon

And with a knobkerrie killed the wellwishers.

The End

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