A Qong

Once upon a quiet quag
Under a quart of maqui,
A squab was squatting, with quite a qualm;
Quailing, squegging, rocking.

She quaffed some aqua to quench the qualm,
Then queried to all of her quins:
“Won’t you quit that croquet game?
you’re acting like a bunch of quids!"

The quint, that is-- the queen, the quean,
The quey, the squaw, and the squab--
Were queer quintuplets, that’s a quack,
A roque and quoit squad.

The queen, qua the queerest one,
Quipped back at the squibbing squab.
“Quit your piquing, you quirky quale,
or we’ll quoin you in a quod.”

The squab took her qurshes and flew away,
on a quest, oh that squalling squab...
and her quins just queued and quoted the squab,
While listening to all the SQUAWK!

The End

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