A Wong

Worms way down below swamp waters,
Won't wiggle as low as men will when those,
wild winds blow in snowy white winters,
showing how weak our will to work is.

How would the world, so wide and awesome
whirl without those wonderful women
who know the power of showing their new sons
what sorrow would follow from beating the war drums

Which awful outcome would warrant their wagers
on wielding the swords that were welded from plowshares.

The wheat that we reap will be sown by young widows.
From teardrops they weep,  will a well watered crop grow.
So  follow these wise words, don't wander on pathways
That twist towards the wasteful and wanton and wild ways
Wide is the wrong road where weak wanders wallow,
but a white wedding chapel's flowered walkway is narrow.

The End

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