A Yong

Yodel in the airy, sunny canyon.
Yes, you'll find the yelling is such silly fun.
Yellow are the messy eggs cooked over easy,
Yet frying them with dry yolks leaves your dishes greasy.
Young girls grow up quickly wearing frilly dresses,
While baby boys go slowly missing mommy's kisses.
If  you say the starry sky is the place for flying,
why do sting rays flap their wings in the ocean trying?
And if they briny sea could yield an endless bounty,
Whales wouldn't cry their songs so wry and  lonely.
Daddy yawns on Sunday, all day lazily napping,
While laundry drying in the yard is breezily flapping.
Granny's lost in memory of her youthful tears,
She's dying glumly trying to recall the years.

The End

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