I Don't Mind Drowning in Your Tears

Hello my humble friend.

No I'm not okay.

But I'll get on and survive.

It's all I can do.

I don't want your help.

I don't want your sympathy.

But when you need a shoulder to cry on,

Feel free to come to me.

I don't mind drowning in your tears.

It's better than drowning in my own.

Hello sweet soft misery.

Yes I'm here to stay;

At least for a while.

I want you to go away.

I want to come with you.

And die quietly in your cold uncaring arms.

And if you're dead and gone,

Before I can come along,

I'll turn away from your grave,

That is the sacred scars upon my heart.

And I'll frolic and play,

With happiness instead.

The End

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