A Wolf Among Sheep

This is how I feel sometimes, every single bloody day.

Sometimes, I cry,

Late in the night,

When no one can

See me. It leaves me

With the impression

That I've been doing something

I shouldn't be, exposing a

Weakness that shouldn't be

There, letting the chinks

In my armor show,

Allowing the cracks in my

Mask to be visible.

Because life is a masquerade

Ball, and sometimes I just

Want to hide in the library

And sob. But I can't, so

I do it when no one

Will know, will exploit it.

It's a sad way to live,

But there's nothing I can

Do about the expectations

Society has set up for me.

Politeness, manners, smiles.

I just want to scream half

The time, ignore the guidelines

That are more than merely

Suggestions (they're orders)

And I want to destroy something,

Anything. I can't, though.

So here I stand, in a ball gown

And a mask that never comes

Off, pretending to be the hero,

(When I'm actually the villain).

The End

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