A Wish for Winter

Oddly enough, I didn;t write this poem on a snowy day! I wrote this poem to convey the feelings that I, and hopefully other people, have about the snow.


A distant spring is far away

As Heaven drops a blanket at our feet.

With melancholy memories now at bay

The sweet December snowflakes line the street.


The wintry water's flourish had begun

In tranquil dark at 10 o' clock the morn.

As pallor patchwork clouds surround the sun

A silent symphony of snow is born.


A perfect picture postcard echoed out;

The calmness beating back a heavy heart.

Emotion froze, as time stood still throughout,

From wonderment imbued by nature's art.


A grand illumination was abound

In souls of men and women all the same.

But sudden lamentation came aground;

The solemn thought it may never come again.

The End

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