A Wife's Worst FearMature

She stripped off her dress in the moonlight glow

She happily danced thinking no one would know

She threw the knife into the ocean so clear

Not knowing that guilt would be so near

She laughed at the thought of her spouses head

And how it looked after she struck him dead

Her breasts bounced as she jumped up and down

But her smile slowly turned into a frown

It finally hit her just what she had done

And she couldn't move, not even to run

She stood frozen thinking of her next of kin

And how they would be tainted by her sins

She cursed herself for being a fool

She cursed herself for damning her soul

Her shaking body got splashed by the rain

As she was feeling unimaginable pain

She dropped to her knees and started to pray

Not knowing what exactly to say

The water ran down her heaving breasts

She knew she had to take care of the rest

She ran back to the house and went through the door

She saw the body on the floor

She doused the rooms with gasoline

And wished her husband hadn't been so mean

She struck a match and threw it down

It hit the floor without a sound

She walked away but quickly turned

To watch her home slowly burn

And with a trickle of a tear

She had found out her greatest fears

The End

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