A Ways Away

It's about love and what happens when one person is confused and doesn't make any effort to be sure of how he/she feels.

A ways away
Sitting in a boat
Rather confused-looking
She sat so still
And made no moves
Somewhere in the middle of a river
I called out to her
And her head jerked up
As though looking for her caller
But she would not row
And nor would she
Even try to holler
Whether for help or
For some sign of
Her awareness of my presence
So and so
I swam or more
Of splashed out there to meet her
I climbed in the boat
To row us back
But to my great dismay
I looked about us
In the boat
And then I saw no oars
So there we were
She and I
Somewhere in the middle of a river
We made no moves
And we sat still
Rather confused-looking
Sitting in a boat
Where we would be seen
By someone a ways away

The End

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