A way

Without you
is a world without lights.
The darkness holds the secrets I confide.
The years wax and wane like the tides
that swept the shores of our heart broken souls
yet I still see your footprints in the sand
disappearing just before
I can follow where you go.
The people say
it is time to move on,
but I search for your face in every crowd
as if you'll appear in my reflection in the mirror
holding out the half of me
you took when you left.
But you are away.
I wander like a dream lost in a world
without sleep.
The stars don't sparkle like the diamond you promised me
back when we were young and believed
forever actually meant an eternity.
If only I could find a way back,
I would swim around the world for you,
I would meet every storm with the hope
you birthed inside of me,
I would take every wave with endless patience and grace.
You never wanted me to stay;
you taught me how to go.
And I am away.
It's like I have been ripped apart.
All I want is a moment, and that would be enough,
but I'm like an addict chasing my last high.
Your the kite I couldn't hold
all I can do is watch you fade
into the horizen of memories
you were supposed to be my reality.
But you are away,
and I can't find a way
to be complete
without you
there is no me.

The End

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