A Walk and a Whisper

I felt the earth tug, saw its blank ghostly stare,

I was lost, as I wondered if there was any good in the air.

Time took my hand, told me it was the end.

The trees gently whispered, promised to be a friend.

I felt their wisdom, felt the years they had seen.

Alone as I was, I thought of what could have been.

Weak as I was, a part of me lay dying,

Alone on the ground, wasting away and sighing.

The sun rose down, its warmth gently reached me,

I heard its breath, and what its words came to mean.

Comforting words, they promised a new life,

They took my hand, they showed me the light.

Alone as I stood, half dying on the ground,

I looked at what was around me and listened to its sound.

I was promised wisdom and promised light.

The suns warm embrace left me silenced, no longer fearing the night.

Nature’s gentle touch left me refreshed and restored,

Once I was so empty, now I was awakened and rose from the floor.

It’s words where comforting, honest and pure,

Life can be terrifying, but we all must endure.

I was taught to listen, to find beauty in all things,

How the mist gently rises, the gentle sound of a birds wings.

I was told to be careful, to be honest and to be true,

I was told to love deeply; as whisperings said I believe in you.

Life can be cruel, but it is also beautiful in many ways,

The whispers pushed me forward, and promised beauty in the days.

It’s warmth still lingered, but the words slowly faded,

Gently I felt the earths tug and I knew the force that made it.

The End

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