A Valentine To The Universe

Thank you for being you
I gush, sprawled on a green carpet
of tissue-paper fingers,
palming the unyielding earth
and sighing spasmodically.

Flowers rise like little kisses
blessing the ground and softening
sky, a bouquet of clouds
and an empty box of chocolates.
A nameless ribbon surrounds.

Thank you thank you thank you
the sea is blue and silent
and it contemplates my gifting.
Expressionless, gargantuan,
I throw myself before it.

My throaty whispers weave
into uproarious winds,
amplifying it like pebble-applause.
Thank you thank you thank you:
a Valentine to the universe,

Which is just as empty as any heart,
a clogging, clenching organ,
sputtering as slowly as tides die
on tourist beaches, an infinite space
packed as tightly as a nature documentary.

The End

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