A Valentine

A lovey-dovey little diddy I scribbled down for a Valentine's Day give-away last year. It had to be a love note written in under a certain number of letters. This tiny twee poem conformed to the requirements, but for some reason it never showed up in the entry list. Maybe they assumed it was plagiarised, since the majority of the other entries were poorly-spelled, grammatically-challenged, un-capitalised and imperfectly punctuated expulsions of gushy predictable drivel.

Am I bitter? Not really. It's just that every time I write something romancipated, I feel an irrational compulsion to counter-balance it with lashings of venomous bile. My work here is done. Anyway, here's the poem:


Half a heart went half the world

to find the part she missed.

She knew he was the perfect fit

the moment that they kissed.

The End

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